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Image to audio challenge [PART 2]

In this part of the 'reverse spectral analysis' blog series I'm are going to cover the theory of creating the waveform data. The next and probably last part will include some coding to create an actual audio file that will hopefully sound at least a little bit like the original.The spectral analysis data we got from Wikipedia was created by some software running a Fast Fourier Transformation, which is an algorithm that finds the amplitudes of the frequencies the waveform consists of.At this point ...

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Image to audio challenge [PART 1]

While surfing on the Internet, I found an image of a spectral analysis of "Yesterday" (The Beatles) on the German Wikipedia page of the MP3 Codec [-> source]. I wonder to what extend it is possible to reverse the spectral analysis and create actual audio from it. Let's find out: First steps At first we should take a second look at the data we actually have. The image shows the ratio of the different frequencies in the spectrum over time. With a total width of 1014 pixels we have data ...

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